The Golf Club Scottsdale Reduces Membership Fee

The Golf Club at Scottsdale has just reduced its membership fee. This private golf club is following suit of Desert Mountain and many other North Scottsdale clubs. DC Ranch Golf Club and Estancia Golf Club both went to market based pricing which significantly reduced their membership cost. Each member could sell their membership on the open market for whatever price they wanted. Silverleaf Golf Club reduced their prices as well.  The Golf Club at Scottsdale just reduced their membership fee from $110,000 to $25,000. Desert Mountain dropped from $325,000 to $140,000 as of January 1, 2011. Clearly Scottsdale golf clubs are adjusting to current economic realities to encourage new members and sustain the finances of their clubs.

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Carmen Brodeur BA, LLB
Scottsdale Luxury Realtor / Former Attorney

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