Finance Option for New Desert Mountain Golf Memberships

Did you know that the Desert Mountain Golf Club has an Equity Golf Membership Financing Program available to all potential members? This program is currently available until July 1, 2011. There is an initial payment of $75,000 due at the time of purchase and then two installment payments after. The 1st installment payment of $34,612.50 is due one year after the purchase of the membership and the second installment payment of $36,725 is due the following year. This gives you 2 years to pay off your Equity Golf Membership at an interest rate of 6.5%. The interest rate is calculated into the total of each installment payment. With this plan the membership will cost $146,337.50 which is not much more than the $140,000 that it will cost to pay the full amount up front.

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Carmen Brodeur BA, LLB
Desert Mountain Realtor / Former Attorney

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