Can Desert Mountain Memberships Be Used By Unaccompanied Guests?

Desert Mountain Golf Desert Mountain members enjoy an abundance of amenities. Many members will occasionally want to lend some of their membership privileges to their guests without being present. This is allowed as long as certain guidelines are met. The guests will not have full use of the membership but most amenities are available while unaccompanied.

Below are some simple guidelines for allowing your guests to use your Desert Mountain membership without you:

  1. Members must submit a guest use authorization form. Completed forms can be dropped off at member services.
  2. Guests are limited to a two-week stay with one renewal opportunity. Stays over four weeks require authorization from the general manager.
  3. Guests must go to member services to get their photo taken. This is also where they will receive a guest use card.
  4. A house guest’s dinner reservations will be applied to the member’s food and beverage minimum as long as they are using the member’s account.
  5. These guest passes are available for a small fee and are sold in two-week increments at the following prices:
    1. $80 per person
    2. $150 per couple
    3. $200 per family

With six expertly designed golf courses, Desert Mountain Golf Club encompasses everything a golfer is looking for. However, guests are not allowed to play on the courses or driving range if unaccompanied by a member. Even with the guest pass, golfing will not be allowed unless the member is present.

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