Are Unaccompanied Guests Allowed at Desert Mountain?

I am often asked if Desert Mountain Club members are allowed to have their guests use the membership privileges unaccompanied. The answer is, yes, you can. However there are some very specific rules that accompany these guest privileges.

You must register your guests in advance by submitting a Guest Use Authorization Form. Once your guests arrive they must visit membership services at the Cochise/Geronimo Clubhouse to have their photo taken and to obtain a Guest Use Card. All members are required to review the membership guidelines with their guests because they are ultimately responsible for the actions of their guests.

Your guests are only allowed privileges for two weeks. Anything beyond this two week period requires authorization from the General Manager, Bob Jones. Guests are never allowed on the driving range or any of the six golf courses without being accompanied by a member. They can however visit the pro shops at anytime.

There are special passes for the Sonoran Clubhouse Fitness Center and Pool. These passes can also be obtained for up to two weeks at a time and are very reasonably priced. For one guest it is $80 for the two weeks, $150 per couple and $200 per family.

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Carmen Brodeur BA, LLB
Desert Mountain Realtor / Former Attorney

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